English Verbs

Verb Present Past Participle
to abide abide/abides abode abode
to accept accept/accepts accepted accepted
to achieve achieve/achieves achieved achieved
to add add/adds added added
to admire admire/admires admired admired
to admit admit/admits admitted admitted
to adopt adopt/adopts adopted adopted
to advise advise/advises advised advised
to afford afford/affords afforded afforded
to agree agree/agrees agreed agreed
to alert alert/alerts alerted alerted
to allow allow/allows allowed allowed
to amuse amuse/amuses amused amused
to analyse analyse/analyses analysed analysed
to announce announce/announces announced announced
to annoy annoy/annoys annoyed annoyed
to answer answer/answers answered answered
to apologize apologize/apologizes apologized apologized
to appear appear/appears appeared appeared
to applaud applaud/applauds applauded applauded
to appreciate appreciate/appreciates appreciated appreciated
to approve approve/approves approved approved
to argue argue/argues argued argued
to arise arise/arises arose arisen
to arrange arrange/arranges arranged arranged
to arrest arrest/arrests arrested arrested
to arrive arrive/arrives arrived arrived
to ask ask/asks asked asked
to assist assist/assists assisted assisted
to attack attack/attacks attacked attacked
to attempt attempt/attempts attempted attempted
to attend attend/attends attended attended
to attract attract/attracts attracted attracted
to avoid avoid/avoids avoided avoided
to awake awake/awakes awoke awoken
to back back/backs backed backed
to bake bake/bakes baked baked
to balance balance/balances balanced balanced
to ban ban/bans banned banned
to bang bang/bangs banged banged
to bare bare/bares bared bared
to base base/bases based based
to bat bat/bats batted batted
to bathe bathe/bathes bathed bathed
to battle battle/battles battled battled
to be am/is/are was/were been
to beam beam/beams beamed beamed
to bear bear/bears bore borne/born
to beat beat/beats beat beaten
to become become/becomes became become
to beg beg/begs begged begged
to beget beget/begets begat/begot begotten
to begin begin/begins began begun
to behave behave/behaves behaved behaved
to believe believe/believes believed believed
to belong belong/belongs belonged belonged
to bend bend/bends bent bent
to bet bet/bets bet bet
to bid bid/bids bid/bade bid/bidden
to bite bite/bites bit bitten
to bleach bleach/bleaches bleached bleached
to bleed bleed/bleeds bled bled
to bless bless/blesses blessed blessed
to blind blind/blinds blinded blinded
to blink blink/blinks blinked blinked
to blot blot/blots blotted blotted
to blow blow/blows blew blown
to blush blush/blushes blushed blushed
to boast boast/boasts boasted boasted
to boil boil/boils boiled boiled
to bolt bolt/bolts bolted bolted
to bomb bomb/bombs bombed bombed
to book book/books booked booked
to bore bore/bores bored bored
to borrow borrow/borrows borrowed borrowed
to bounce bounce/bounces bounced bounced
to bow bow/bows bowed bowed
to box box/boxes boxed boxed
to brake brake/brakes braked braked
to branch branch/branches branched branched
to break break/breaks broke broken
to breathe breathe/breathes breathed breathed
to bring bring/brings brought brought
to broadcast broadcast/broadcasts broadcast broadcast
to bruise bruise/bruises bruised bruised
to brush brush/brushes brushed brushed
to bubble bubble/bubbles bubbled bubbled
to build build/builds built built
to bump bump/bumps bumped bumped
to burn burn/burns burned burned
to burn burn/burns burnt/burned burnt/burned
to burst burst/bursts burst burst
to bury bury/buries buried buried
to buy buy/buys bought bought
to buzz buzz/buzzes buzzed buzzed
to calculate calculate/calculates calculated calculated
to call call/calls called called
to camp camp/camps camped camped
to can can/can could could
to care care/cares cared cared
to carry carry/carries carried carried
to carve carve/carves carved carved
to cast cast/casts cast cast
to catch catch/catches caught caught
to cause cause/causes caused caused
to challenge challenge/challenges challenged challenged
to change change/changes changed changed
to charge charge/charges charged charged
to chase chase/chases chased chased
to cheat cheat/cheats cheated cheated
to check check/checks checked checked
to cheer cheer/cheers cheered cheered
to chew chew/chews chewed chewed
to chide chide/chides chid/chode chid/chidden
to choke choke/chokes choked choked
to choose choose/chooses chose chosen
to chop chop/chops chopped chopped
to claim claim/claims claimed claimed
to clap clap/claps clapped clapped
to clean clean/cleans cleaned cleaned
to clear clear/clears cleared cleared
to cling cling/clings clung clung
to clip clip/clips clipped clipped
to close close/closes closed closed
to clothe clothe/clothes clad/clothed clad/clothed
to coach coach/coaches coached coached
to coil coil/coils coiled coiled
to collect collect/collects collected collected
to color color/colors colored colored
to comb comb/combs combed combed
to come come/comes came come
to command command/commands commanded commanded
to communicate communicate/communicates communicated communicated
to compare compare/compares compared compared
to compete compete/competes competed competed
to complain complain/complains complained complained
to complete complete/completes completed completed
to concentrate concentrate/concentrates concentrated concentrated
to concern concern/concerns concerned concerned
to confess confess/confesses confessed confessed
to confuse confuse/confuses confused confused
to connect connect/connects connected connected
to consider consider/considers considered considered
to consist consist/consists consisted consisted
to construct construct/constructs constructed constructed
to contain contain/contains contained contained
to continue continue/continues continued continued
to control control/controls controlled controlled
to copy copy/copies copied copied
to correct correct/corrects corrected corrected
to cost cost/costs cost cost
to cough cough/coughs coughed coughed
to count count/counts counted counted
to cover cover/covers covered covered
to crack crack/cracks cracked cracked
to crash crash/crashes crashed crashed
to crawl crawl/crawls crawled crawled
to create create/creates created created
to creep creep/creeps crept crept
to cross cross/crosses crossed crossed
to crush crush/crushes crushed crushed
to cry cry/cries cried cried
to cure cure/cures cured cured
to curl curl/curls curled curled
to curve curve/curves curved curved
to cut cut/cuts cut cut
to cycle cycle/cycles cycled cycled
to dam dam/dams dammed dammed
to damage damage/damages damaged damaged
to dance dance/dances danced danced
to dare dare/dares dared dared
to deal deal/deals dealt dealt
to decay decay/decays decayed decayed
to deceive deceive/deceives deceived deceived
to decide decide/decides decided decided
to decorate decorate/decorates decorated decorated
to delay delay/delays delayed delayed
to delight delight/delights delighted delighted
to deliver deliver/delivers delivered delivered
to depend depend/depends depended depended
to describe describe/describes described described
to desert desert/deserts deserted deserted
to deserve deserve/deserves deserved deserved
to destroy destroy/destroys destroyed destroyed
to detect detect/detects detected detected
to determine determine/determines determined determined
to develop develop/develops developed developed
to die die/dies died died
to dig dig/digs dug dug
to disagree disagree/disagrees disagreed disagreed
to disappear disappear/disappears disappeared disappeared
to disapprove disapprove/disapproves disapproved disapproved
to disarm disarm/disarms disarmed disarmed
to discover discover/discovers discovered discovered
to dislike dislike/dislikes disliked disliked
to dive dive/dives dived dived/dove
to divide divide/divides divided divided
to do do/does did done
to double double/doubles doubled doubled
to doubt doubt/doubts doubted doubted
to drag drag/drags dragged dragged
to drain drain/drains drained drained
to draw draw/draws drew drawn
to dream dream/dreams dreamt/dreamed dreamt/dreamed
to dress dress/dresses dressed dressed
to drink drink/drinks drank drunk
to drip drip/drips dripped dripped
to drive drive/drives drove driven
to drop drop/drops dropped dropped
to drown drown/drowns drowned drowned
to drum drum/drums drummed drummed
to dry dry/dries dried dried
to dust dust/dusts dusted dusted
to dwell dwell/dwells dwelt dwelt/dwelled
to earn earn/earns earned earned
to eat eat/eats ate eaten
to educate educate/educates educated educated
to embarrass embarrass/embarrasses embarrassed embarrassed
to employ employ/employs employed employed
to empty empty/emptys emptied emptied
to encourage encourage/encourages encouraged encouraged
to end end/ends ended ended
to enjoy enjoy/enjoys enjoyed enjoyed
to enter enter/enters entered entered
to entertain entertain/entertains entertained entertained
to escape escape/escapes escaped escaped
to establish establish/establishes established established
to estimate estimate/estimates estimated estimated
to examine examine/examines examined examined
to excite excite/excites excited excited
to excuse excuse/excuses excused excused
to exercise exercise/exercises exercised exercised
to exist exist/exists existed existed
to expand expand/expands expanded expanded
to expect expect/expects expected expected
to explain explain/explains explained explained
to explode explode/explodes exploded exploded
to extend extend/extends extended extended
to face face/faces faced faced
to fade fade/fades faded faded
to fail fail/fails failed failed
to fall fall/falls fell fallen
to fancy fancy/fancies fancied fancied
to fasten fasten/fastens fastened fastened
to fax fax/faxes faxed faxed
to fear fear/fears feared feared
to feed feed/feeds fed fed
to feel feel/feels felt felt
to fence fence/fences fenced fenced
to fetch fetch/fetches fetched fetched
to fight fight/fights fought fought
to file file/files filed filed
to fill fill/fills filled filled
to film film/films filmed filmed
to find find/finds found found
to fire fire/fires fired fired
to fit fit/fits fitted fitted
to fix fix/fixes fixed fixed
to flap flap/flaps flapped flapped
to flash flash/flashes flashed flashed
to flee flee/flees fled fled
to fling fling/flings flung flung
to float float/floats floated floated
to flood flood/floods flooded flooded
to flow flow/flows flowed flowed
to flower flower/flowers flowered flowered
to fly fly/flies flew flown
to focus focus/focuss focused focused
to fold fold/folds folded folded
to follow follow/follows followed followed
to fool fool/fools fooled fooled
to forbid forbid/forbids forbade forbidden
to force force/forces forced forced
to forecast forecast/forecasts forecast forecast
to foresee foresee/foresees foresaw foreseen
to forget forget/forgets forgot forgotten/forgot
to forgive forgive/forgives forgave forgiven
to form form/forms formed formed
to forsake forsake/forsakes forsook forsaken
to found found/founds founded founded
to frame frame/frames framed framed
to freeze freeze/freezes froze frozen
to frighten frighten/frightens frightened frightened
to fry fry/fries fried fried
to gather gather/gathers gathered gathered
to gaze gaze/gazes gazed gazed
to get get/gets got gotten/got
to give give/gives gave given
to glow glow/glows glowed glowed
to glue glue/glues glued glued
to go go/goes went gone
to grab grab/grabs grabbed grabbed
to grate grate/grates grated grated
to grease grease/greases greased greased
to greet greet/greets greeted greeted
to grin grin/grins grinned grinned
to grind grind/grinds ground ground
to grip grip/grips gripped gripped
to groan groan/groans groaned groaned
to grow grow/grows grew grown
to guarantee guarantee/guarantees guaranteed guaranteed
to guard guard/guards guarded guarded
to guess guess/guesses guessed guessed
to guide guide/guides guided guided
to hammer hammer/hammers hammered hammered
to hand hand/hands handed handed
to handle handle/handles handled handled
to hang hang/hangs hung/hanged hung/hanged
to happen happen/happens happened happened
to harass harass/harasses harassed harassed
to harm harm/harms harmed harmed
to hate hate/hates hated hated
to haunt haunt/haunts haunted haunted
to have have/has had had
to head head/heads headed headed
to heal heal/heals healed healed
to heap heap/heaps heaped heaped
to hear hear/hears heard heard
to heat heat/heats heated heated
to help help/helps helped helped
to hide hide/hides hid hidden
to hit hit/hits hit hit
to hold hold/holds held held
to hook hook/hooks hooked hooked
to hop hop/hops hopped hopped
to hope hope/hopes hoped hoped
to hover hover/hovers hovered hovered
to hug hug/hugs hugged hugged
to hum hum/hums hummed hummed
to hunt hunt/hunts hunted hunted
to hurry hurry/hurries hurried hurried
to hurt hurt/hurts hurt hurt
to identify identify/identifies identified identified
to ignore ignore/ignores ignored ignored
to imagine imagine/imagines imagined imagined
to impress impress/impresses impressed impressed
to improve improve/improves improved improved
to include include/includes included included
to increase increase/increases increased increased
to indicate indicate/indicates indicated indicated
to influence influence/influences influenced influenced
to inform inform/informs informed informed
to inject inject/injects injected injected
to injure injure/injures injured injured
to instruct instruct/instructs instructed instructed
to intend intend/intends intended intended
to interest interest/interests interested interested
to interfere interfere/interferes interfered interfered
to interrupt interrupt/interrupts interrupted interrupted
to introduce introduce/introduces introduced introduced
to invent invent/invents invented invented
to invite invite/invites invited invited
to involve involve/involves involved involved
to irritate irritate/irritates irritated irritated
to itch itch/itches itched itched
to jail jail/jails jailed jailed
to jam jam/jams jammed jammed
to jog jog/jogs jogged jogged
to join join/joins joined joined
to joke joke/jokes joked joked
to judge judge/judges judged judged
to juggle juggle/juggles juggled juggled
to jump jump/jumps jumped jumped
to keep keep/keeps kept kept
to kick kick/kicks kicked kicked
to kill kill/kills killed killed
to kiss kiss/kisses kissed kissed
to kneel kneel/kneels kneeled kneeled
to kneel kneel/kneels knelt/knelled knelt/kneeled
to knit knit/knits knitted knitted
to knock knock/knocks knocked knocked
to knot knot/knots knotted knotted
to know know/knows knew known
to label label/labels labeled labeled
to land land/lands landed landed
to last last/lasts lasted lasted
to laugh laugh/laughs laughed laughed
to launch launch/launches launched launched
to lay lay/lays laid laid
to lay lay/lays laid laid
to lead lead/leads led led
to lean lean/leans leant/leaned leant/leaned
to leap leap/leaps leapt/leaped leapt/leaped
to learn learn/learns learned learned
to learn learn/learns learnt learnt
to leave leave/leaves left left
to lend lend/lends lent lent
to let let/lets let let
to level level/levels leveled leveled
to license license/licenses licensed licensed
to lick lick/licks licked licked
to lie lie/lies lay lain
to lie lie/lies lied lied
to light light/lights lit/lighted lit/lighted
to lighten lighten/lightens lightened lightened
to like like/likes liked liked
to list list/lists listed listed
to listen listen/listens listened listened
to live live/lives lived lived
to load load/loads loaded loaded
to lock lock/locks locked locked
to long long/longs longed longed
to look look/looks looked looked
to lose lose/loses lost lost
to love love/loves loved loved
to make make/makes made made
to man man/mans manned manned
to manage manage/manages managed managed
to march march/marches marched marched
to mark mark/marks marked marked
to marry marry/marries married married
to match match/matches matched matched
to mate mate/mates mated mated
to matter matter/matters mattered mattered
to mean mean/means meant meant
to measure measure/measures measured measured
to meddle meddle/meddles meddled meddled
to meet meet/meets met met
to melt melt/melts melted melted
to memorize memorize/memorizes memorized memorized
to mend mend/mends mended mended
to mine mine/mines mined mined
to miss miss/misses missd missd
to mix mix/mixes mixed mixed
to moan moan/moans moaned moaned
to moor moor/moors moored moored
to mourn mourn/mourns mourned mourned
to move move/moves moved moved
to mow mow/mows mowed mowed/mown
to muddle muddle/muddles muddled muddled
to mug mug/mugs mugged mugged
to multiply multiply/multiplies multiplied multiplied
to murder murder/murders murdered murdered
to nail nail/nails nailed nailed
to name name/names named named
to need need/needs needed needed
to nest nest/nests nested nested
to nod nod/nods nodded nodded
to note note/notes noted noted
to notice notice/notices noticed noticed
to number number/numbers numbered numbered
to obey obey/obeys obeyed obeyed
to object object/objects objected objected
to observe observe/observes observed observed
to obtain obtain/obtains obtained obtained
to occur occur/occurs occurred occurred
to offend offend/offends offended offended
to offer offer/offers offered offered
to offset offset/offsets offset offset
to open open/opens opened opened
to order order/orders ordered ordered
to overcome overcome/overcomes overcame overcome
to overflow overflow/overflows overflowed overflowed
to owe owe/owes owed owed
to own own/owns owned owned
to pack pack/packs packed packed
to paddle paddle/paddles paddled paddled
to paint paint/paints painted painted
to park park/parks parked parked
to part part/parts parted parted
to partake partake/partakes partook partaken
to pass pass/passs passed passed
to paste paste/pastes pasted pasted
to pat pat/pats patted patted
to pause pause/pauses paused paused
to pay pay/pays paid paid
to peck peck/pecks pecked pecked
to pedal pedal/pedals pedalled pedalled
to peel peel/peels peeled peeled
to peep peep/peeps peeped peeped
to perform perform/performs performed performed
to permit permit/permits permitted permitted
to phone phone/phones phoned phoned
to pick pick/picks picked picked
to pin pin/pins pined pined
to pinch pinch/pinches pinched pinched
to pine pine/pines pinned pinned
to place place/places placed placed
to plan plan/plans planned planned
to plant plant/plants planted planted
to play play/plays played played
to plead plead/pleads pled/pleaded pled/pleaded
to please please/pleases pleased pleased
to plug plug/plugs plugged plugged
to point point/points pointed pointed
to poke poke/pokes poked poked
to polish polish/polishes polished polished
to pop pop/pops popped popped
to possess possess/possesses possessed possessed
to post post/posts posted posted
to pour pour/pours poured poured
to practice practice/practices practiced practiced
to pray pray/prays prayed prayed
to preach preach/preaches preached preached
to precede precede/precedes preceded preceded
to prefer prefer/prefers prefered prefered
to prepare prepare/prepares prepared prepared
to present present/presents presented presented
to preserve preserve/preserves preserved preserved
to preset preset/presets preset preset
to press press/presses pressed pressed
to pretend pretend/pretends pretended pretended
to prevent prevent/prevents prevented prevented
to prick prick/pricks pricked pricked
to print print/prints printed printed
to produce produce/produces produced produced
to program program/programs programed programed
to promise promise/promises promised promised
to protect protect/protects protected protected
to prove prove/proves proved proven/proved
to provide provide/provides provided provided
to pull pull/pulls pulled pulled
to pump pump/pumps pumped pumped
to punch punch/punches punched punched
to puncture puncture/punctures punctured punctured
to punish punish/punishes punished punished
to purchase purchase/purchases purchased purchased
to push push/pushs pushed pushed
to put put/puts put put
to question question/questions questioned questioned
to queue queue/queues queued queued
to quit quit/quits quit quit
to race race/races raced raced
to radiate radiate/radiates radiated radiated
to rain rain/rains rained rained
to raise raise/raises raised raised
to reach reach/reachs reached reached
to read read/reads read read
to realise realize/realises realised realised
to realize realize/realizes realized realized
to receive receive/receives received received
to recognise recognise/recognises recognised recognised
to recognize recognize/recognizes recognized recognized
to record record/records recorded recorded
to reduce reduce/reduces reduced reduced
to reflect reflect/reflects reflected reflected
to refuse refuse/refuses refused refused
to regret regret/regrets regretted regretted
to reign reign/reigns reigned reigned
to reject reject/rejects rejected rejected
to rejoice rejoice/rejoices rejoiced rejoiced
to relax relax/relaxes relaxed relaxed
to relay relay/relays relaid relaid
to release release/releases released released
to rely rely/relies relied relied
to remain remain/remains remained remained
to remember remember/remembers remembered remembered
to remind remind/reminds reminded reminded
to remove remove/removes removed removed
to rend rend/rends rent rent
to repair repair/repairs repaired repaired
to repeat repeat/repeats repeated repeated
to replace replace/replaces replaced replaced
to reply reply/replies replied replied
to report report/reports reported reported
to represent represent/represents represented represented
to reproduce reproduce/reproduces reproduced reproduced
to request request/requests requested requested
to require require/requires required required
to rescue rescue/rescues rescued rescued
to retire retire/retires retired retired
to return return/returns returned returned
to rhyme rhyme/rhymes rhymed rhymed
to rid rid/rids rid rid
to ride ride/rides rode ridden
to ring ring/rings rang rung
to rinse rinse/rinses rinsed rinsed
to rise rise/rises rose risen
to risk risk/risks risked risked
to rob rob/robs robbed robbed
to rock rock/rocks rocked rocked
to roll roll/rolls rolled rolled
to rot rot/rots rotted rotted
to rub rub/rubs rubbed rubbed
to ruin ruin/ruins ruined ruined
to rule rule/rules ruled ruled
to run run/runs ran run
to rush rush/rushes rushed rushed
to sack sack/sacks sacked sacked
to sail sail/sails sailed sailed
to satisfy satisfy/satisfies satisfied satisfied
to save save/saves saved saved
to saw saw/saws saw/sawed sawn/sawed
to saw saw/saws sawed sawed
to say say/says said said
to scare scare/scares scared scared
to scatter scatter/scatters scattered scattered
to scold scold/scolds scolded scolded
to scorch scorch/scorches scorched scorched
to scrape scrape/scrapes scraped scraped
to scratch scratch/scratches scratched scratched
to scream scream/screams screamed screamed
to screw screw/screws screwed screwed
to scribble scribble/scribbles scribbled scribbled
to scrub scrub/scrubs scrubbed scrubbed
to seal seal/seals sealed sealed
to search search/searches searched searched
to see see/sees saw seen
to seek seek/seeks sought sought
to seem seem/seems seemed seemed
to select select/selects selected selected
to sell sell/sells sold sold
to send send/sends sent sent
to separate separate/separates separated separated
to serve serve/serves served served
to set set/sets set set
to settle settle/settles settled settled
to shade shade/shades shaded shaded
to shake shake/shakes shook shaken
to share share/shares shared shared
to shave shave/shaves shaved shaved
to shed shed/sheds shed shed
to shelter shelter/shelters sheltered sheltered
to shine shine/shines shone shone
to shiver shiver/shivers shivered shivered
to shock shock/shocks shocked shocked
to shoe shoe/shoes shod shod
to shoot shoot/shoots shot shot
to shop shop/shops shopped shopped
to show show/shows showed shown
to shrug shrug/shrugs shrugged shrugged
to shut shut/shuts shut shut
to sigh sigh/sighs sighed sighed
to sign sign/signs signed signed
to signal signal/signals signaled signaled
to sin sin/sins sinned sinned
to sing sing/sings sang sung
to sink sink/sinks sank/sunk sunk/sunken
to sip sip/sips sipped sipped
to sit sit/sits sat sat
to ski ski/skis skied skied
to skip skip/skips skipped skipped
to slap slap/slaps slapped slapped
to slay slay/slays slew slain
to sleep sleep/sleeps slept slept
to slide slide/slides slid slid
to slip slip/slips slipped slipped
to slit slit/slits slit slit
to slow slow/slows slowed slowed
to smash smash/smashes smashed smashed
to smell smell/smells smelled smelled
to smell smell/smells smelt smelt
to smile smile/smiles smiled smiled
to smoke smoke/smokes smoked smoked
to snatch snatch/snatches snatched snatched
to sneeze sneeze/sneezes sneezed sneezed
to sniff sniff/sniffs sniffed sniffed
to snore snore/snores snored snored
to snow snow/snows snowed snowed
to soak soak/soaks soaked soaked
to soothe soothe/soothes soothed soothed
to sound sound/sounds sounded sounded
to sow sow/sows sowed sown/sowed
to spare spare/spares spared spared
to spark spark/sparks sparked sparked
to sparkle sparkle/sparkles sparkled sparkled
to speak speak/speaks spoke spoken
to speed speed/speeds sped sped
to spell spell/spells spelled spelled
to spell spell/spells spelt spelt
to spend spend/spends spent spent
to spill spill/spills spilled spilled
to spill spill/spills spilt/spilled spilt/spilled
to spin spin/spins spun spun
to spit spit/spits spat/spit spat/spit
to split split/splits split split
to spoil spoil/spoils spoiled spoiled
to spoil spoil/spoils spoilt spoilt
to spot spot/spots spotted spotted
to spray spray/sprays sprayed sprayed
to spread spread/spreads spread spread
to spring spring/springs sprang sprung
to sprout sprout/sprouts sprouted sprouted
to squash squash/squashes squashed squashed
to squeak squeak/squeaks squeaked squeaked
to squeal squeal/squeals squealed squealed
to squeeze squeeze/squeezes squeezed squeezed
to stain stain/stains stained stained
to stamp stamp/stamps stamped stamped
to stand stand/stands stood stood
to stare stare/stares stared stared
to start start/starts started started
to stay stay/stays stayed stayed
to steal steal/steals stole stolen
to steer steer/steers steered steered
to step step/steps stepped stepped
to stick stick/sticks stuck stuck
to sting sting/stings stung stung
to stink stink/stinks stank stunk
to stir stir/stirs stirred stirred
to stitch stitch/stitches stitched stitched
to stop stop/stops stopped stopped
to store store/stores stored stored
to strap strap/straps strapped strapped
to strengthen strengthen/strengthens strengthened strengthened
to stretch stretch/stretches stretched stretched
to strew strew/strews strewed strewn/strewed
to strike strike/strikes struck stricken/struck
to strip strip/strips stripped stripped
to strive strive/strives strove striven
to stroke stroke/strokes stroked stroked
to study study/studies studied studied
to stuff stuff/stuffs stuffed stuffed
to subtract subtract/subtracts subtracted subtracted
to succeed succeed/succeeds succeeded succeeded
to suck suck/sucks sucked sucked
to suffer suffer/suffers suffered suffered
to suggest suggest/suggests suggested suggested
to suit suit/suits suited suited
to supply supply/supplies supplied supplied
to support support/supports supported supported
to suppose suppose/supposes supposed supposed
to surprise surprise/surprises surprised surprised
to surround surround/surrounds surrounded surrounded
to suspect suspect/suspects suspected suspected
to suspend suspend/suspends suspended suspended
to swear swear/swears swore sworn
to sweat sweat/sweats sweat/sweated sweat/sweated
to sweep sweep/sweeps swept swept
to swell swell/swells swelled/sweated swollen
to swim swim/swims swam swum
to swing swing/swings swung swung
to switch switch/switches switched switched
to take take/takes took taken
to talk talk/talks talked talked
to tame tame/tames tamed tamed
to tap tap/taps tapped tapped
to tape tape/tapes taped taped
to taper taper/tapers tapered tapered
to taste taste/tastes tasted tasted
to teach teach/teaches taught taught
to tear tear/tears tore torn
to tease tease/teases teased teased
to telephone telephone/telephones telephoned telephoned
to tell tell/tells told told
to tempt tempt/tempts tempted tempted
to terrify terrify/terrifies terrified terrified
to test test/tests tested tested
to thank thank/thanks thanked thanked
to thaw thaw/thaws thawed thawed
to think think/thinks thought thought
to thrive thrive/thrives throve/thrived thriven/thrived
to throw throw/throws threw thrown
to thrust thrust/thrusts thrust thrust
to tick tick/ticks ticked ticked
to tickle tickle/tickles tickled tickled
to tie tie/ties tied tied
to time time/times timed timed
to tip tip/tips tipped tipped
to tire tire/tires tired tired
to touch touch/touches touched touched
to tour tour/tours toured toured
to tow tow/tows towed towed
to trace trace/traces traced traced
to trade trade/trades traded traded
to train train/trains trained trained
to transport transport/transports transported transported
to trap trap/traps trapped trapped
to travel travel/travels travelled travelled
to treat treat/treats treated treated
to tremble tremble/trembles trembled trembled
to trick trick/tricks tricked tricked
to trip trip/trips tripped tripped
to trot trot/trots trotted trotted
to trouble trouble/troubles troubled troubled
to trust trust/trusts trusted trusted
to try try/tries tried tried
to tug tug/tugs tugged tugged
to tumble tumble/tumbles tumbled tumbled
to turn turn/turns turned turned
to twist twist/twists twisted twisted
to type type/types typed typed
to typeset typeset/typesets typeset typeset
to undergo undergo/undergos underwent undergone
to understand understand/understands understood understood
to undress undress/undresses undressed undressed
to unfasten unfasten/unfastens unfastened unfastened
to unite unite/unites united united
to unlock unlock/unlocks unlocked unlocked
to unpack unpack/unpacks unpacked unpacked
to untidy untidy/untidies untidied untidied
to use use/uses used used
to vanish vanish/vanishes vanished vanished
to visit visit/visits visited visited
to wail wail/wails wailed wailed
to wait wait/waits waited waited
to wake wake/wakes woke woken
to walk walk/walks walked walked
to wander wander/wanders wandered wandered
to want want/wants wanted wanted
to warm warm/warms warmed warmed
to warn warn/warns warned warned
to wash wash/washes washed washed
to waste waste/wastes wasted wasted
to watch watch/watchs watched watched
to water water/waters watered watered
to wave wave/waves waved waved
to wear wear/wears wore worn
to weep weep/weeps wept wept
to weigh weigh/weighs weighed weighed
to welcome welcome/welcomes welcomed welcomed
to wet wet/wets wet/wetted wet/wetted
to whine whine/whines whined whined
to whip whip/whips whipped whipped
to whirl whirl/whirls whirled whirled
to whisper whisper/whispers whispered whispered
to whistle whistle/whistles whistled whistled
to win win/wins won won
to wind wind/winds wound wound
to wink wink/winks winked winked
to wipe wipe/wipes wiped wiped
to wish wish/wishes wished wished
to withdraw withdraw/withdraws withdrew withdrawn
to wobble wobble/wobbles wobbled wobbled
to wonder wonder/wonders wondered wondered
to work work/works worked worked
to worry worry/worries worried worried
to wrap wrap/wraps wrapped wrapped
to wreck wreck/wrecks wrecked wrecked
to wrestle wrestle/wrestles wrestled wrestled
to wriggle wriggle/wriggles wriggled wriggled
to wring wring/wrings wrung wrung
to write write/writes wrote written
to yawn yawn/yawns yawned yawned
to yell yell/yells yelled yelled
to zip zip/zips zipped zipped
to zoom zoom/zooms zoomed zoomed